Nursery Specials


Green Valley Spring Specials

Small Ferns - $15.00

Large Ferns - $18.00

Ferns are such a popular plant and luckily, they are a part of our Nursery Spring Special! Our ferns can be a perfect touch to your garden, yard, front porch, sun room, or kitchen! It is smart to place your ferns in an area that has a lot of shade and moisture. Ferns are a wonderful indoor and/or outdoor plant.

Mama Cole’s Fried Pies - $3.00

A Nursery favorite, Mama Cole’s Fried Pies are a part of our Spring Special and we are so excited about it! At the nursery, we have a variety of flavors available for a special price of $3.00. These fried pies are made specially in the local Shoals area.

Farm Fresh Eggs - $6.00

Our farm fresh eggs from Cottonwood Farm are a healthy part of our Spring Special. These aren’t your grocery store eggs. These pastured - Non-GMO - No Soy eggs give you the freshest and healthiest choice of eggs so that you can feel good about feeding your family. Visit the Cottonwood Farm website to read more about their company.