MUMRAISERS - Flyer for Print Out.png


Raise money for your sports team, organization, or group.

Here’s how it works

Step 1: Contact Richards Evans (706) 768-8664 and get your group signed up for Mumraisers.

Step 2: Come by the nursery and pick up coupons for each member of the team.

Step 3: We have 2 different mums available for you to sale, both a 10in. and a 12in. will be offered in every fundraiser. The 10in. will be sold for $20. The 12in. will be sold for $25. YOU will profit $7 for every 10in. mum sold and $9 for every $25in. mum sold!

Step 3: The coupons previously mentioned will be given to those who purchased a mum. The team member will have a sheet of paper they need to fill out with the information of the purchaser.

Step 4: The team member will return his/her sheet of paper with all the information of who they sold to Green Valley Nursery and return all unused coupons.

Step 5: The purchaser of the mum will come by and pick up a mum of their choice - you don’t have to worry about delivery and they don’t have to worry about getting a less than desirable mum! It’s a win for both parties.